Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ok, I know I run off at the mouth a lot about “The Law of Attraction,”but the truth is,
I was on the phone tonight, talking to my “pushy” friend Kristine, trying to help her focus away from her problems and before I knew it, we were choosing a new career for me. I have been putting off calling this particular online school and we started surfing, looking into different schools. She walked into her kitchen, and on the counter, was a brochure for online courses at a local college. We immediately started surfing looking at all the courses and we changed my entire career choice. I have been hesitant in defining my goals, because I was uncertain of my focus. I have known that I wanted to focus on a career in service, but I had not been able to actually make the connection because the thought of a local college~~~ never dawned on me. DUH!

A lot of colleges now, are offering online courses for convenience, and also for people that are unable to attend on campus classrooms. The online experience has been going well for me, but I had a slight set back around the holidays, and have been reluctant to address the issue. I am so glad she needed to change her focus and it was turned in my direction. If she had not received that brochure in the mail, we never would have found the answer I have been looking for. Thank God, there are no coincidences, thoughts become things, there are miracles all around us, and it all begins with baby steps.

It all reminded me of the seventies, when NOW (National Organization of Women) was formed by Gloria Steinem, companies started to open up more rights for women in the workplace. I was able to take advantage of the “token woman positions” that most companies had to implement, to show equality in the workplace. I have to say, there was a blessing in my first experience as a single MOM, because I was able to find jobs that were held predominately for men. A single Mom in the seventies, needed to make a man’s income, so a door closed and a window opened. Lucky Me~~~Thank God, oh, and Kristine too.

We managed to find a great deal of humor in this quest, which found both us, on our way to bed laughing, instead of focusing on the negative things around us. All it took was a simple shift in thinking and we were headed in a completely different direction. AHA!

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