Monday, February 18, 2008

“The Secret”states that there are no coincidences. Take one day, of a single week, and believe that. Open your eyes and look around. If there are no coincidences, then life is one miracle after another.

The simple things that take place in your life become amusing, perplexing, exciting and miraculous.

I was talking to my friend Mrs. Blankety Blank-Blank, the other day about a camp she was considering sending one of her children to. She and Mr. Blank got home, that very day, and in their mailbox, was a brochure from the very camp we had been discussing. Mr. Blank now thinks, I am a witch (just kidding) and Mrs. Blankety Blank-Blank thinks that the Law of Attraction circles me like a halo and everything I come into contact with is touched by it.

What I am writing here are just words, or labels, but if you try what I suggest in the first paragraph, for one day, you can count the small miracles you see. Believe the existence of The Law of Attraction exists and watch the halo form around you and count the (coincidences?) in your day. The important word here is believe. Watch the movie, read the book and then do it again, until The Law of Attraction encircles you in it’s light.
“The Divine” is within, and releasing it to the Universe, brings it right back to you. Test it try it, live it and see the miracles all around you, thoughts become things, ask, believe and you will receive and it all starts with baby steps.

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