Sunday, February 17, 2008


The Master Key System suggests that a first step to reaching your goals, similar to “The Secret, is to create a day dream of your perfect day. It does not have to be realistic because it will change later on, as you learn to hone your focus, on the things you want to have in your life. I do not so much think about the material things I wish to have, but more on the essence of the life I choose to live.
You will notice though, that the material things are blended into my so called daydream.

I wake each day at 9:00 a.m., and the first thing I do, is have a cup of coffee (breakfast in bed does not appeal to me), on the lanai, while I eat my breakfast (part of my trainer’s program for weight control and physical fitness). While eating breakfast I peruse the headlines of the New York Times and take a gander at my stocks to see how they are faring. Learning to understand stocks too mind boggling for me, (that is in the category of math, argh), so I have people for that, but I like to see how things are looking and see what is available for my foundation grants. I like to know where the money is being used best, to serve the greatest amount of people. After my leisurely breakfast, I take a run on the treadmill. I like to keep in shape, and using the program my trainer set up for me, really works well. I love the thought patterns that play in my head. As I run, a lot of emotional issues come to light for me, wow…it‘s like the Doublemint√§ commercial from years ago, “two, two mints in one“). I jump into the shower and then dry my hair and apply makeup ( I am so glad I found this simple method to apply it and although Botox really made a huge difference, I am glad I found this new hydrating system for my skin, that also made me a fortune). I am careful to brush my beautiful porcelain veneers, loving my new smile, I look at myself in the mirror and love what I see. I read the little post its around the mirror to remind me of my current affirmations and then it is off to get dressed. I love the new closet system, it looks like a clothing store. My share in “aerie” and the other two subsidiaries really pay off, and it’s nice to know that my daughter has the dreams of her lifetime owning her own high couture line. Our trips to Paris and Rome each year for her couture collection is a wonderful time for us. The bond we have now is an amazing experience. How many women can say that about their life?
I have been truly blessed over and over. Thank You God!
Once made up and dressed, I go to my office and check my email, click a few buttons for my auto generated money machine and then I pick up the 3 books that I am reading along with my notebook and laptop and return to the lanai, my favorite place. When it is raining I go to my sunroom and work there. The lanai overlooks the pool. And although I can see it from my sunroom, bedroom, and living room, I still prefer the lanai on beautiful days. I am enjoying the beauty of nature wherever I am but I like to feel it too. I open one of the three books I am reading and stop occasionally, to take some notes, and work on my daily blogs. I love writing my blogs, because I know that I am delivering quality information and resources to millions of people everyday and that is what my life’s purpose really is. It is to help others awaken the world to a new consciousness and a place where joy and beauty reside, not death and disaster. By focusing on death and disaster, that is what will show up in your world. I learned that a longtime ago from studying The Law of Attraction! Thoughts become things, so choose good ones. I add a little to my blog during the day, at small intervals.
On Sunday, my children will be joining me for dinner. We have chosen to eat here so I have given a list to the cook for tonight’s meal and I also included one for the entire week, taking into consideration, the nights that I am expecting guests or the children. She is extremely efficient and very pleasant, I think of her more as a friend. We spend time during the day to have a cup of coffee together and share stories about our children with each other. I enjoy those moments and when I am away, they are missed.
I am meeting my friends, Kristine and Michele for lunch tomorrow, we are lunching at a local 5 star restaurant. We try to get together as often as possible but it is usually just one or 2 times per month, as they both have Nursing Degrees and work in hospitals. We talk about what is going on in our life and what functions we’ll be seeing each other at. I have some book signings this month, and, my daughter is putting on a fashion show of her new line for Spring. Kristine and Michele also have some seminars that they are teaching, to educate young parents to the dangers of misdiagnosing some rare disorders that teenagers suffer, this month it is a fund raiser for ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder).
My daughter’s fashion show will be a luncheon and then we will be going to my youngest son’s new franchise opening. He has a chain of carpet stores and also skateboard shops and parks. He is quite famous in the skateboard world. He has consulted on a few movies and instructed some up and coming boarders into competition. It is his passion and he loves it more than any of his other companies.
My oldest son has his business in the media world. He directs and produces movies. The genre is eclectic, and I try to take control sometimes, and argue him into making a movie that is based on the Laws of The Universe. I always get the same story. “Mother, people are sick to death hearing about The Laws of The Universe. If they do not know by now they never will.” I quickly come back with, “Tim, if that were true, then we would not be fighting a war in a country that still runs under a dictatorship, and there would be no starving hungry children anywhere. Everyone would have a home and enough food to eat, every single day. I always win, and we find a wonderful story that he transforms into the most amazing messages. He once told me, “mom, we are all abundantly in love with you.“ What mother has had the opportunity to hear that? I am truly blessed. All of my children are amazing at what they consider their passion, and that includes raising their own children.
Being a grandmother was not an experience I dared to dream about, but when I did enough wishing and praying, it was right there, in the form of 6 beautiful children, 4 boys and 2 girls. I thank God everyday for them, as I do for my children, my life, my friends, my family and my time on this earth.
I do pray quite a bit during the day, usually when I meditate, so I can silently speak with “The Divine” in my mind. My life is so overwhelmingly beautiful, that there is never enough gratitude flowing from me. My personal relationship with “The Divine” is the foundation of my life. I have been blessed with the insight and the knowledge to bring that message to the world.
I digress. I always get on my soapbox the minute I begin to think about my life and how powerfully beautiful it is. That is the reason I spend so much time, teaching others about how to see the world through their creative mind. It took me a long time to learn about that myself and I am so passionate about not letting a single person go through another day, without the knowledge that, Thoughts become things, Miracles are all around us, Ask, Believe and you will Receive, there are no coincidences and it all starts with baby steps.
My own childhood, while I was living it, was frightening and sad, but once I learned how to tap into the resources that my parents did not know how to use, my world transformed into a magical kingdom, and my abilities grew to such tremendously powerful messages. I am living my passion by sharing , with everyone, everywhere that I can reach. I have joined forces with so many powerful people that we are constantly finding new ways to get that message out. Children are now being raised in the new consciousness and the world is seeing the beauty that so few have seen before us. It is an amazing time to be alive, and I spend some part of everyday reinforcing that belief, and thanking God for the infinite wisdom that brought us all here, under this umbrella of mindfulness.
My afternoons are usually spent shopping or going over some travel details or seminar speeches. Being a motivational speaker, and having your dream comes true, is all I need when I sit down to write. I can always write or speak about, what I believe in, with such passion and power. I can see the minds of people changing right in front of me. (There I go again playing the “Power of The Universe”), it is hard to not feel so powerful when every dream in my life has come true. What more can anyone ask?
I try to do a little light reading at night, a little meditation and a wonderful soak in the Jacuzzi. My bedroom is a haven of light and peace, beautifully decorated in these soft greens and grey hues. It was designed by a master, who uses her insight, into the minds of others, to decorate. What a gift she has, I am so grateful to know her. She has designed most of the rooms in my home and she has done it by sitting and talking with me about how I see the world, who I am, what my passions are, and how I feel about the people around me. She is truly blessed with a miraculous gift.
Bedtime is peaceful and relaxing as I think about my day and what wonderful experiences I have had, and think about how I can change things for others in the world. Being blessed with the gift of gratitude, it is a simple thing for me to accomplish. I love that I have everything I have ever dreamed of, and I can share it with the world. How many people can say that about their life? I thank God, that this is now, the life I am able to live, and I close my eyes to sleep a peaceful, fulfilled sleep, only to awaken the next day to more joyous and beautiful beginnings.
How many people get to say that? I am truly grateful that this is my life and not a daydream.

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