Sunday, March 2, 2008


I’m writing my blog now on Microsoft Office 2007. I never really saw the need to upgrade, I mean I know that a lot of technology is changing and I will have to go to High Definition soon, but when it comes to word programs, how much more could there be? Well, I was wrong, this is pretty nice. I realize it means learning new technology but I like a good challenge, so I am trying it out. The look alone is less ominous than I thought it would be. I’m one of those people that were not afraid to open the VCR when a tape got jammed in it, or open a computer and learned how to install RAM. I will admit, I do have to hold myself back from fixing things or putting my fingers where no woman’s fingers should go…technology wise. I can not tell anyone how to fix a broken toaster, because I never tried to fix one. The reason is simple, they are cheap, and so I just buy a new one. And the same with VCRs and DVD players, they are so inexpensive that we just replace them. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could say that about poverty and homelessness? It is so cheap, we can just buy everyone a house, or we can just fill their freezer. Why can’t we say that? And if we do, will it make it happen? I believe it will. I believe that if we all try to make sure that houses and food are cheap enough to make sure everyone has them, then that is how it will be.

We have to all try to get on the same page about issues like this. We have to believe more in our ability to accomplish change. I admit to being a procrastinator, but if you stand in front of me and tell or ask me to do something, I will. How many people do we know that will say that? I can think of a lot. I think we should all try that. Let’s try to believe that these changes are in our power, and because they are, we will be moving people out of hunger, poverty and everyone will have a place to live. Now how hard is that? To just believe that it can happen. I believe it and I need everyone to believe it, so let’s all make it our business to make others believe it.

I was having a conversation today with my oldest son and I said some thing similar to him. He still believes that things are more improved if we spend time worrying about them, or trying to fix them when they do not need fixing. Or to make it clearer, why spend all day worrying about someone that does not want help. Why not just offer love and believe in the ability to fix them self, and see them fixing themselves. I believe in that. I see my friend having faith in her ability to have provided her child with the ability to heal HERSELF. I see my children and family members healing themselves, fixing themselves and I believe that they have the ability to do that. The power to change is in every one of us, we have to just allow it.

While I was surfing the internet today I ran across an article about Abraham Lincoln. This is what I got from it:

It said that Abraham Lincoln suggested that the government pay each state $400 for each slave, and in return the states would abolish slavery within 20 years. He referred to it as gradual emancipation, and suggested that it would cost the same to do that as it would to fight a war over it.

The suggestion is sound but the time would have been a huge issue to me. The mere fact that there was another solution to the issue of slavery is a huge thought. There are solutions like that available to all situations and when WE ALL begin to think differently, but realize the same results; we will have made the world a better place. We have to learn to separate from our “ego” and think of peaceful solutions instead of resolving issues of war. We can make war non-existent; it is a matter of CHOICE to accomplish that. We just have to CHOOSE. I know it sounds too good to be true or too simple, but it really is, once WE ALL THINK THE RIGHT WAY. It has worked NEGATIVELY this way for centuries. All we have to do is take those thoughts and use them for GOOD instead of EVIL. Hitler managed to convince massive numbers of people to believe in his theory. The Rise of Hitler as explained began as thoughts. How is it possible for someone as evil as Hitler to manage to convince enough countrymen to torture and murder millions of Jewish men, women and children, and impossible for us to take the same thoughts and turn them all into positive actions. Most of the original points of Hitler’s 25 point plan can easily be implemented positively to change the way the world works, or at least The United sates.

I hope that enough people read this and CHOOSE to change the way they think so the number of positive minded individuals increases by passing this message along to others.

Make a choice to watch it, read it or live it…but at least try it, and remember this:


Thoughts do become things.

There are no coincidences.
Miracles are all around us.
Ask, Believe and you will receive.
It all begins with baby steps.

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