Saturday, March 8, 2008


I have been on the Internet now, for just about a year, and the whole time I believed that I was trying to make money. It came to me today as I was meditating, that quieting my mind is not an option when I have this need for “financial abundance” I remember watching “The Secret” one day and then going online to find out who knew about it and what I could do with it? How much could it change my life? And I have spent this year buying into, and being deluged with unnecessary distractions, MONEY MAKING SCHEMES. It should never have been my objective, but when I filled out my first profile and it asked what my goals were I wrote this….?

WOW…I just realized that a while back I changed my original goals and intentions but I never changed my “mind set.” This is what they say now:

My powerful intentions are to be inspirational and truthful to all and to ultimately possess kindness and generosity.

My life’s purpose is to INSPIRE others, to leave a legacy of that to my children and begin a thread long enough to generate all of these things. And to NEVER stop until I have realized all of my dreams and those of so many, many others!

My values are Kindness ,Generosity, Philanthropy, love and my desire to provide for those that have not yet found their way here!

I am no longer looking to make money on the internet, because money is not what is important to me. Oh, I know, of course it is, but not in the sense that I would think about it today. Today, the only reason I would want to make money, is to be able to help others. That is why I have been floundering about my education, my disability, and my JOB. I do not have a “JOB”, I have a dream, and I can already see my dream taking place. I see the people around me that are influenced by my life, I see the changes in others, that are there, as a direct result of my introducing them to “The Secret.” I feel blessed.

The last two nights I have made phone calls to a friend and a relative and I realized that I have said the same thing to each of them. Money is not important to “me“, my “purpose” is. “I” have everything “I” need , but many, many, others do not. So “I” am taking “ME” out of the equation and will only be focusing on “them." So if anyone was waiting to make money from me, that is no longer an option. Making money for “others” is where I’ll be, and it’s is actually where I have been the whole time. It has always been in my subconscious that, when I reached financial abundance, it would be to make the dreams of others come true and by doing that, my own would be realized, and it does not stop today, as I wrote above:

And to NEVER stop until I have realized all of my dreams and those of so many, many others!
So, my goal is still “financial abundance,” but it is to make the dreams of others come true with it.

My oldest son said to me one time, not too long ago, “If you ever win the lottery, we’ll have to take it away from you, because you will give it all away.” He said that with humor, because I know, my three children, are kind and generous beings, and that is one of the many things I love so much about them.

This is a good day. This is a day of “awakening” to my life’s purpose. I think Eckhart Tolle and Oprah would be proud of me, I certainly am. WOW! I AM. I AM ACTUALLY PROUD OF MYSELF!

Just a note…When I went to Amazon. Com to collect the link for Eckhart Tolle’s name, and I clicked instead of highlighting it, I ended up on the Amazon page for his book, I clicked on the ”surprise me” option that publishers use, and it gave me the excerpt above. So click on Tolle’s name above and read the excerpt, you will immediately see what an experience of “The Law of Attraction” feels like.

Make a choice to watch it, read it or live it…but at least try it, “THE SECRET“ and remember this::

Thoughts do become things.
There are no coincidences.
Miracles are all around us.
Ask, Believe and you will receive.

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