Saturday, March 15, 2008


Is it a false sense of security to believe, although you cannot see it, that you have enough faith in your ability to overcome any obstacles, and that you are financially successful? If you do not believe, does that make you a failure?

It is only by putting yourself out there that you can, even remotely, begin to believe in yourself. Anyone can sit in front of a computer and appear to be successful, but to actually feel it, is to walk into a store and change how you think about money. I did that two days ago and again today, and for the first time, I did not overdraw my checking account. Does that make me successful? No, what makes me successful, is the fact that I am no longer afraid of money, whether I have it or not. I am successful when I have found what is important in life and money really has nothing to with it…or everything to do with it.

Success is a mind set that naturally, begins first with a thought like everything else. When you think you are successful, and believe you are successful….YOU ARE. You cannot be successful until you have thought it.

Make a choice to watch it, read it or live it…but at least try it, and remember:

Thoughts do become things.
There are no coincidences.

Miracles are all around us
Ask, Believe and you will receive.
It all begins with baby steps.

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