Saturday, March 29, 2008


I spent some time today watching a video of Eckhart Tolle’s The Flowering of Human Consciousness, Everyone’s Life Purpose.” It has led to an interesting day. I have been watching him with Oprah doing the book club online. What he talks about in his books has been confusing to me, but today I believe I found clarity. I guess my AHA moment was realized today. I heard this:

“The dash between your date of birth and date of death is the accumulation of your entire life.”

All the dramas, including my two marriages and the other dramatic experiences in my life are only a dash on my gravestone. It was after hearing that that I realized the expectancy I feel, a great deal of the the time, is fear…fear that I will not become who I am supposed to be before my life ends. Afraid the flower will not bloom until death. It is close to death when a lot of us experience the release of the “ego”and the light begins to shine or the flower blooms. Well, like others I’m sure, I do not want to have that burden. The solution is to let go of the “ego” now. By looking for myself, I will just attract more stress, trying to find myself.

I do not want the accumulation of my life to be reduced to a dash, so the rest of my life will be lived by experiencing the beauty of every day, the beauty of every moment. We all get caught up in the collective mind set, that keeps us suffering. We believe that we are looking for peace in the world, and collectively we are saying we want peace, but the whole time we are looking for it, armies are still being formed and weapons are still being made. We are looking for peace, while peace is already within us, in the stillness. When we are in the stillness there is the peace. More of us need to want the same thing, so collectively, we will find stillness, so instead of looking for peace recognize and be grateful for already having it and enjoy the stillness. Peace is stillness now, not in the future. While recognizing these things today, I was in the present, in the stillness. We can only be there for such short periods of time, so I want as many moments of that as I can find.

I am not looking for myself any longer, I am here, and soon I will discover, or it will be shown to me, what the purpose of my life really is. I know it is to help others, the way has not been shown to me yet, but it will. Had I not already been awakened by “The Secret,” again, I may have missed this.

The Law of Attraction
tells us, what we think about we will attract. The world is full of unhappy people, who, while thinking that they are looking for ways to be happy, find more unhappiness. Recognize the happiness in your life and you will find more happiness. Do not go looking for anything. You already have happiness, be grateful for it first and foremost, and the universe will reward you with joy beyond compare. You can be in“now here”or “nowhere.”

Make a choice to watch it, read it or live it…but at least try it, and remember this:

Thoughts do become things.

There are no coincidences.
Miracles are all around us.
Ask, Believe and you will receive.
It all begins with baby steps.

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